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The success of an institution or a business is directly affected by its employees. Relationships between an employer and an employee plays a vital role and paves a path for successful interactions. As such, understanding and complying with employment law can create a more positive and productive work environment for your staff, and reduce the time spent dealing with legal proceedings.

Legal employment issues can become costly, time-consuming, and stressful if you don’t handle them efficiently. With our help you can develop the right policies to ensure legal compliance and proactively resolve problems before they grow, hence leaving you with more time to plan and executive your daily operations.

We offer our advice to Financial Services, Construction Firms, Retail, Manufacturing, Facilities Management, Educational Institutions, Telecommunication, Media and Technology Recruitment and more. Our timely and practical advice will help you reduce the risk, cost, stress and time involved with employment issues.

  • Advise you or your managers on common employment law issues.
  • Prepare for disciplinary and grievance hearings, appeals, and employment tribunals.
  • Comply with the latest employment legislation.
  • Prevent and resolve employment disputes.
  • Manage equality and diversity requirements.
  • Protect confidential information.
  • Draft, review, or update contracts and policies.
  • Conduct a fair process to change terms of employment.
  • Implement or improve disciplinary and grievance processes.

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