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Residence tax can have a serious impact on how much tax you pay and how you stay compliant with the law.  Our specialist tax lawyers can help you manage and plan your residence tax, effectively and efficiently for your current situation and future goals.  We believe, one of the features that sets our firm apart from the rest, is we empathise with the trials and tribulations that can occur when moving to a new country, therefore our mission is to provide you with a caring, personal and friendly service, always standing by our Motto: “A respected partner on your side”.  Peakroad Lawyers will advise you on:

  • Legal advice
  • Legalising Official Documents
  • Contracts
  • New resident taxes
  • Understanding residence tax. How lifestyle changes might affect your tax.
  • Planning your tax for the future. Structuring your wealth tax.
  • Tax for trusts and companies.